It’s a gamble, a crap shoot—take a turn, move up, pick a card, spin the wheel, hole in one—games bring a playful, distracting element to a dark and philosophical questioning of our reality. I am in the early stages of a body of work based on the emblem of the Wheel of Fortune—a motif that has repeatedly functioned as oracle, narrator, mystic, and decider of fate. I began working with this symbol as a way to accept my own fate and as a way to think about the uncontrollable and often restricting conditions of our world. Across cultures and history the wheel is seen as a tool of both understanding and distraction from the tragedies of our lives and world.

Holly Popielarz is an artist, designer and fabricator living in New Bedford, MA. She earned her MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston,MA currently she teaches drawing at Rhode Island College in Providence RI. She has taught painting, drawing, and printmaking, at The New Hampshire Institute of Art from 2010-2014. She has shown in Boston, Chicago, Manchester, New York City, Providence, New Bedford, and Provincetown.